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Jake the Dad by ShikaNime

I love this picture. It's been In my fave ever since I first saw it. There are no problems, but the only thing I would consider is keep...


I laid peacefully in my warm purple bed, half floating and have on the bed. My dark purple hoodie laid on my head, as I did on my bed. My P.J's where snuggly, and my peaceful meditation music was soothing. Then right in the middle of my dream, my alarm clock went off. I was dreaming of me in pony land with Butter-beam and sparkle-face from my fave show Pretty Pretty Pegasus. I used my telekinesis to hit the alarm clock. I sat up, rubbing my eyes. I looked at the alarm clock. It was 4:00 in the morning! Someone changed my clock. I got out of bed. And just when I did, I saw a tiny, grey mouse by my bed. I screamed and threw my pillow at it.
" Woah woah Raven. It's just my friend." said another mouse. I looked closer and it turned into Beast Boy!
" BEAST BOY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!?" I yelled as I floated a little higher.
" This mouse ran away from meh into your room so I followed it. I'm mouse-sitting." Beast Boy said, as the mouse went out a hole in my wall.

Beast Boy left, so now I had time to get dressed. I got my black outfit with the red rounded belt and my cloak. I had all sorts of cloaks and hoodies. I had hoodies of all uses, but mostly I use my cloak, which has a hoodie and a cape. I floated out of my room and all the Titans where watching the tellie and having breakfast. Starfire got mine ready.
" Good morning Raven! Did you sleep well?" Starfire asked, smiling and showing her adorable eyes. I frowned and said yeah. I took my breakfast my breakfast from Starfire and was about to turn Pretty Pretty Pegasus on, when the villain alert went off.

" Titans It's the H.I.V.E!" I heard Robin yell. The Titans and I went to Jump city bank where the H.I.V.E was running around with bags and bags of money.
" TITANS GO!" Robin yelled. Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg and I did most of the work. When Robin was fighting Mammoth, the rest of the Titans and I sat at the sidewalk. Beast Boy stared at me the whole time. Mammoth pushed Robin off, and shot a bomb at Robin, and us. I wasn't worried until the bomb came straight at me!



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Adventure time is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!
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